Run & Ride Cedar Point

Help us celebrate Cedar Point's 150th anniversary AND the 70th anniversary of the first-ever Peanuts comic at Run & Ride Cedar Point! Get your run on during one of the most fun-filled weekend’s of the year--the 7th annual Run & Ride Race Series, including your choice of a half-marathon, quarter-marathon, 5K, or 1-mile fun run. It’s not every day you can experience a behind-the-scenes run through your favorite amusement park before they even open their gates! Take this opportunity to watch the sun rise over roller coasters, high-five Snoopy, wear a hard-earned medal in the amusement park, and enjoy some fabulous swag--a ticket to the park for race weekend! (Or a weekend pass for just $15 more--a ridiculously amazing deal!) You don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind race! Bring your friends and a family along, too! It’s a weekend of fun for everyone. The park offers hotel discounts and a deal on park tickets for friends and family. The best weekend ever is practically guaranteed. Please note that shirts are not guaranteed after June 7.

  • Date: 6/13/2020 01:09 PM
  • Location: 1 Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky, OH 44870, U.S. (Map)


The Quarter and Half Marathons will take place on Sunday 6/14

•Here are the currentrate details:

◦Prices until 2/29/20:Half , $105; Quarter: $70; 5K: $60; 1 mile: $50

◦Prices until 4/30/20:Half , $115; Quarter: $75; 5K: $65; 1 mile: $55

◦Prices until 6/11/19:Half , $125; Quarter: $80; 5K: $70; 1 mile: $60

◦Race-weekend prices:Half , $135; Quarter: $90; 5K: $75; 1 mile: $65

◦Each race registrationincludes a 1-day park pass. You also have the option to upgrade to aweekend pass for $15


•If you register for 2races at the same time, you will get 20% off of the most expensive race.However, registering this way will NOT allow you to use the 15%LANCASTERSTRIDERS promo code.

•If you are planning ondoing 2 races and go to the park on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday,your most frugal option is to register for races separately using the 15%promo code.

◦If you choose thisoption, When you register for the 1st race, chose to add the$15 weekend pass. Then use the promo code LANCASTERSTRIDERS for 15% off.When you register for the 2nd race, chose to NOT opt for theweekend pass. This will give you a $10 credit. Then use the promo codeLANCASTERSTRIDERS for 15% off.  This will save you the most.

•If you are onlyregistering for 1 race, you will get a 1-day park pass with thatregistration. However, if you wish to go into the park on another day, itis best to get the $15 weekend park pass because an extra ticket to thepark for 1 day is very expensive. Also, use the promo codeLANCASTERSTRIDERS for 15% off.


•We have always stayed ata Cedar Point property. Mainly because you can get into the park an hourearly and get free parking. We like to leave the race, shower and go back.If you are not staying at a Cedar Point property, you will need to pay forparking when going back into the park.

•Here is the link withthe RUNRIDE promo code. These hotels/campsites sell out early so I wouldregister as soon as you can:

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